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"Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase. There comes a time when silence is betrayal. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Martin Luther King

Regardless,​ of what our law makers approve or disapprove. We will fight to stop abortion because every life is worth saving. - Joseph A. Thomas

A fetus was the first one to rejoice at the news of Jesus! Life is in the womb!


Its a NEW DAY, a NEW REVOLUTION to do more to fight & stop abortion on 3 fronts.

Step 1. -More than protest..

We partner with Save The Storks to raise funds for pregnancy centers locally to mobilize and offer free ultra sounds to be able to see and hear the babies heart beats. 4 out of 5 mothers after hearing and seeing their baby then decide to stop to keep their baby.

The cost is  $149,000 per new Mercedes Diesel van which includes further training and support through the Save The Storks ministry which is included in the cost once the van is gifted to the Pregnancy Center by the Kingdom Heart ministry.

The return of investment results are as promising in stopping abortion on the ground. Funding for each pregnancy center can take as long as 5 years through the Save The Storks ministry.

Our marketing strategy and goal to shorten the time needed for the pregnancy center to get up and going which will save more babies lives. It will also take the stress and financial burden away from the pregnancy center in having to raise funds as well continue to work and run their pregnancy center. It is our mission to cut this time to a minimum while taking the burden of funding away from the pregnancy center. Each mobile vehicle paid for by our marketing ministry is then gifted to the to our partnering pregnancy center. From there we offer support but the pregnancy center then operates solely on their own with correspondence with the Save The Storks training and support.

We are currently raising funds for a new mobile vehicle to perform free ultra sounds outside The Planned Parenthood located here in Asheville, NC. Each month we post our contributions towards the van.


Step 2. -Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is educating and equipping our children with God's instructions and giving them the tools to keep them on the path of righteousness. God forbid if they find themselves off the path they will at least understand what is right and wrong by God's standards which was learned at an earlier age like pre-teen. It is very important to have churches validate what we are teaching our kids as Christian parents. Christian parents today have an uphill battle in teaching their kids about the many pit falls and choices that can lead them away from the path of righteous. Christian parents should not have to do it alone by competing against the public schools, universities, music, television, etc..


Instead, parents should elect to have a partnership with their local church.

It is our vision to sponsor small group preteen studies through our Churches to do a better job in teaching and helping our kids truly understand who they are in Christ Jesus and how to escape the many pit falls they will encounter on their walk to God's Kingdom. Our children's identification in Christ Jesus is what the world is wanting to steal and misguide them away from. Our ministry provides a list of approved materials for preteen small groups to be lead through the current youth minister at every church once every year. Our program also supplements the cost for the teaching materials depending on size of the church and financial statement.

Our approved curriculum will list discussed topics such as teaching our children about God's plan for their life, their identity in God, the importance of staying sexually pure, their sexuality, their God given genders, what is same sex marriage, and yes even what God thinks about abortion. These topics will be taught about through video and book study as it mirrors instruction from God's word.

It is important to know what God says about each one of the social issues of today. The material goes much deeper than the do's and don't but also allows real people from the church to give testimony if they are called to do so. Real testimony by church members or by those provided by video will leave lasting impressions that will guide them into the future. Every parent can decide if their child will attend by a signed parental paper voucher as like the public school system at the preteen age of 6 grade. 

Parents can opt in to have the youth pastor share and inform their young pre-teens of important social issues of the modern day such as sex education, abortion, God's view of gender and marriage, etc.

This annual, same gender small group program is taught by church leadership which strengthens and partners with the local parents in teaching God's view on these important topics before their child learns the world's view on these topics through our local schools, government, social and entertainment medias.

Getting back in teaching our children who they are in Christ Jesus and the importance of waiting to have sexual relationships will help curve future emotional and financial disappointment, heart ache, confusion, experimentation and even future abortion. Too many Christian youth gather this information by their peers and or fall into personal experimentation. Talking about these social topics before hand from a biblical point of view multiple times during a teen's development is so vital and key. It pays huge dividends for your child and the next generation. Each year different topics need to addressed as social issues and acceptance continue to change.

Step 3 - Restoration & Forgiveness

My wife and I have family and friends who have had previous abortions. There is a similar and common theme when talking with them that they struggled with for years. It is that of depression and thoughts of suicide. The several abortion mom survivors that we personally know were delivered but it only came through the forgiveness of Jesus.

The chains were broken and healing was found once forgiveness was found for themselves through the name of Jesus. It is a program to help deal with not only with the sin but also dealing with the guilt and shame.

I talked with a pastor friend of mine who leads a small church with an attendance of under 300 people. I was shocked to learn that there were 8 ladies in attendance in this small church who had previous abortions. I believe that there are many within our churches today who secretly struggle on going with depression and suicidal thoughts.

There are programs offered at many of our churches for divorce care and addiction.

There are very few churches that offer a small group setting for women and men who are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts in the name of abortion.


It is our vision to offer a small group for women called "Abortion Forgiven" class who have had a previous abortion. Our small groups are a safe place to learn about a loving father God who forgives but true healing comes when these groups allow individuals the opportunity to learn, share and most importantly forgive themselves. This small group is preferable lead by someone who has been delivered and forgiven in the act of abortion. The class is conducted with materials and video to help break the chains that the enemy uses to keep one hostage years after the procedure.

One can truly be delivered from this kind of depression. Many choose to allow God to use their previous brokenness to deliver so many others away from this bondage into restoration, deliverance and forgiveness that only Jesus can offer. If God is calling you to lead one of our small groups please get in touch with our ministry.

God can take your previous brokenness and make something still very beautiful from it.

It would also offer further healing and benefit others who have been down the same path and recovery from abortion and it's affects.

We are currently looking for someone to lead our first small group for Abortion Forgiven class for Haywood County. Please get in touch with us as we offer these county by county and state by state.

It is our vision to create Kingdom agents to reduplicate this ministry process locally and world wide.

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