On your mark, get set, GO!

My family and I have been praying and supporting ministries to fight the epidemic of abortion for years. Within the past month abortion has been taken to another

unthinkable level to where states are approving the killing babies even outside the womb.

My wife and I have experienced anger, sadness and an overwhelming feeling of what more can we do to really fight abortion outside of the many pro life statements we pass along on social media through our emotions. We are called to do more.

I prayed and felt led to reach out to my pastor Matt Pruett of Faith Community Church as well as 5 other pastor friends of mine.

Pastor Matt and I met together for lunch and I explained the pinned up energy that I

had been experiencing and not knowing what to do with it.

During my explanation of what I was feeling the Holy Spirit confirmed to my pastor at that very moment that I am the man called to accomplish a mission.

I saw the Holy Spirit on my pastors face and his demeanor had changed. Over the next minute and half my pastor spoke over me and was calling out all my character strengths.

I only heard about 40 seconds of what my pastor was saying because my ears had gone silent and instantly I had a vision of faces and the building blocks for this ministry.


Instead of protesting, the vision of how to really fight abortion came pouring into my mind. The fight against abortion is one that happens on the streets outside abortion clinics but its not protest. Fighting abortion is real education within the church about that topic to our preteens before it happens. And finally, fighting abortion is leading small group restoration and God's forgiveness for the many women and even contributing

men so that the enemy's efforts of depression and suicide will be cast out from those

who have fallen victim to these epidemic after it happens.

Even more important is to educate our children in what I call preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is educating and equipping our children with God's

instructions and giving them the tools to keep them on the path of righteousness.

God forbid if they find themselves off the path they will at least understand what is right and wrong by God's standards which was learned at an earlier age.

It is very important to have churches validate what we are teaching our kids as Christian parents. Christian parents today have an uphill battle in teaching their kids about the many pit falls and choices that can lead them away from the path of righteous.

Christian parents should not have to do it alone by competing against the public schools, universities, music, television, etc.. in this fight to question their gender, sexuality and that there is even a God.


Instead, parents should receive partnership with their local church.

Small group preteen studies through our Churches can do a better job in teaching and helping our kids truly understand who they are in Christ Jesus and how to escape the many pit falls they will encounter on their walk to God's Kingdom. Our children's identification in Christ Jesus is what the world is wanting to steal and misguide them

away from. This is the spiritual warfare's and one of it's top priories.

Only biblical reflection and learning can fight what is being taught today about the social issues of our day.

Teaching our children about God's plan for their life, their identity in God, the

importance of staying sexually pure, their sexuality, their God given genders, what same sex marriage really is, and yes even what God thinks about abortion.


I grew up in church during the late 1980's. I attended public and Christian schools, and University. All these social issues were present at each of these places of education. The public school system was the only place outside of the talks I had with my parents in my early understanding of the world's alternative choices that many around me were making. The church unfortunately was silent on these important issues for the most part.

My wife and I have taught children's church (Kindergarten-5th grade) for the past 5 years now and have enjoyed teaching and showing how the stories in the bible relates to the world we live in today. As our kids graduate or comes into ages of 4th and 5th grade

there are topics such as sex education and sexuality, etc., that our public schools start teaching. We find that many churches do little or nothing to keep in sync with what the world is teaching.

It is very important that our kids understand what God's prospective on all of these topics.

My wife and I have two boys with the oldest in the 5th grade this year of 2019. As their parents, we have opted out of sexuality classes once in the 4th grade and also now for

the current 5th grade. We are teaching our children first hand but know eventually we must teach them about every topic in which our schools will address and even those that they do not. It is my vision to see many of the lukewarm churches today be much more involved fighting for our children's future by keeping in the know on topics taught

outside of the church. 

We can not afford to sit back on our heels, gamble and wait for God's return to save our youth of tomorrow. We are living I believe in the last days but when God comes back I don't want to be caught on the side lines instead of in the field working for the Kingdom.

It would have make a huge difference in the lives of our children to have their local church participate and help educate them on the many pit falls of that they face today.

It would mean so much to the Christian parents who are members of the local church to have their church active and validating what these Godly parents are trying to teach their children about these very important issues.


Our public schools teach our kids sexual education that is also bundled with acceptance of alternative lifestyles when it comes to their sexuality, gender, sexual protection and lifestyle. What is the Church teaching to prepare them for the many pit falls that they can encounter during their walk through this life to the Kingdom of God? I believe we are called.


God's Kingdom should certainly shield the innocent. Isn't time for the silent to speak?

I hear his voice. God has called me. Do you hear his voice also to act and stop abortion?

1Samuel 3:10 "The Lord came and stood there, calling as the other times, Samuel! Samuel! Then Samuel said, "Speak, for your servant is listening."

Proverbs 31:8-9 "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy."

Testimony by Joseph A. Thomas and the beginnings of the ministry Kingdom Shield.

Hello, my name is Joseph A. Thomas. 

I am a landscape photographer and native

of beautiful Haywood, North Carolina.

I have been called. Have you? 

Leave nothing on the table. Give it your all!

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